Tech Vidhya

TechVidhya Foundation

TechVidhya Foundation

An non-profit organization that aims to bridge the digital divide in rural areas

TechVidya Foundation is a non-profit organization

We work to provide quality computer education to underprivileged students living in villages. We set up fully equipped, modern computer labs in government schools and teach latest technology courses to students. All the courses are completely free for everyone who can’t afford fees and belong to economically backward families

How do we do it?

Our technical team will refurbish and reuse everything you want to donate.

We are also committed to give you Green Certificate + NGO Certificate against your E-Waste donation.

Our Vision

Each child must have an oppourtunity towards education. Our charity organization does everything for children who wants to grow.

Our Mission

We tend to make our world a better place for all people in need. Join us and together we will do this much faster.

Our Duty

To reduce the amount of e-waste that is sent to landfills and incinerators and to protect the environment from the harmful toxins


Guidance awaits: Find your path forward with our support.

Where you can find us

Pune, India

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